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The Mystique Experience

Your wedding day. A day you've dreamt about for most of your life. You've fantasized about what you will wear, who you will marry and where it will be. Now that your day is in sight and you've found the perfect dress and the partner of your dreams, you just need the place. As a child, maybe you've dreamt of getting married in a castle. Or maybe you've recently fallen in love with the rustic barn weddings that are so popular these days. Mystique Ranch offers a unique variety of both your royal fantasy wedding and a modern day rustic wedding. It's truly a venue like none other. Your guests will enter through the covered bridge, over the moat and past the castle walls. Behind the walls, you will enter into a real working ranch, complete with a barn and plenty of animals such as horses, pigs, sheep, peacocks and yaks.  

The Ranch offers a plethora of wedding options to meet whatever type of wedding you are imagining. If you want an outdoor wedding, we provide 17 acres of pasture for you to choose where you want to have your ceremony. Since we are in the northwest, the weather may entice you to have an indoor wedding. Our unique barn is a perfect mixture of rustic and elegance; perfect for having a ceremony or reception or both!

Besides the castle wall, mote, and draw bridge, what makes Mystique Ranch unique amongst all of the venues around are the animals. You want horses in your wedding? Great. Sheep? We've got you covered. But if you want to go the extra mile, add a few yaks into the back ground of your ceremony, and you will have a wedding experience that only a small handful of people have ever experienced. 



How much does it cost to rent?

$6500. There are no additional fees. 

$2000 non-refundable deposit to save your date. The balance is due two months prior to the event. We accept cash, check, or bank transfer.

$500 damage deposit. This will be refunded if there was no damage caused during your event.

We require a day-of coordinator. We have a preffered coordinator that has worked with us for many weddings. You can find her information on our vendor page. 


What types of events do you do?

Weddings, vow renewls, receptions, bat/bar mitzvah, and coorporate events. Sorry, we cannot do childrens parties. 


What does that cover?

Day before set-up and rehearsal from 12-5pm

Includes Day-of-event from 10am - 11pm on Saturday (No Sunday weddings). 

Following Day item retreival 2-hour window to be worked out with venue owners.


What time do we have to leave?

The event has to end by 10pm. Catering can start clean up at 10Pm and be done by 11pm.


Who cleans after the reception?

Your caterers need to clean for you. They do not need to sweep the floors. All trash needs to by removed either by your caterers or by you. 


How many people can this venue hold?

June 15 - October 15: 200 guests

October 16 - June 14: Closed


Does the venue include tables and chairs?

We have:

25 60-inch round tables

8 72-inch round tables. 

15 3x6 ft banquet tables

We do not provide chairs or linens. 


Where can I get my photo taken?

All areas without animals are always available for photos. We can arrange to have many of the animals in photo-friendly locations. 


Do you provide tents?

You must rent your own tents. Tents must be secured above ground without stakes. 


What do I need to rent?

Chairs, linens and table settings. You can have your rentals delivered on Firday and picked up on Monday so that you don't have to pay weekend fees. 


What decorations are allowed?

Candles are allowed as long as they are in glass.

Sparklers are allowed on the outdoor paved surfaces for exit only. 

Nails cannot be used to hang up decorations but zip ties are allowed. 

No tape allowed on the floor. 


Where can I have my ceremony?

There is a beautiful location in the back yard that is always shaded by 4pm. Otherwise you can have your ceremony in the barn. 


Can you dance on the floor?

Yes. No seperate dance floor is required. The barn floor is concrete.


Do you provide catering?

No we do not provide catering but catering is required. You are welcome to use whatever catering company you wish. We have had many catering companys here and they all enjoy the large back room for prep. There is water and a seperate area for scullery. Site visits aren't necessary but the caterers are welcome to call the property manager if they have any questions. 


What is your alcohol policy?

Your bartender must be provided through a our preferred bartender or those connected with the caterers. No self-serve alcohol. You can provide your own alcohol for the bartender to serve and drop it off the day-of or day before the event. Beer and wine only.


Do you provide a sound system?

We have a sound system that you can plug an iPod into for indoor use. There is any area for a DJ and/or a live band.


What is your smoking policy?

There is a smoking area outside for guests. Cigars can used around the fire pit in the back of the barn.


What is your policy around children?

This is not a safe propery for children to be un-supervised. We require a nanny for any children not part of the ceremony. We have a certified child-care worker that can be hired to entertain any children. 


Are there rules for using the fire pit?

The fire pit is only available in June and July. Wood is available for your use. 


Are there facilities for bride and groom prep?

We do not have traditional bride and groom prep facilities. Most couples get ready off-site but we do have a space for the bride to get dressed. This room is also used for bridal party to relax together before the ceremony begins. This room can be used for nursing mothers as well. 


Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Your dog can be part of the ceremony and stay for the reception as long as they are leashed at all times for their own protection. Guests may not bring their dogs. 


Can we take photos with the animals?

Couples may be able to take photos with some of the animals, depending on the time of year.

When can I come see the venue?

Reach out to us to schedule a time for a visit but we do not do visits on Sundays.

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